Delivering Possibilities.

Can’t make it to the shops but need something delivered? At a BBQ and running out of booze? or maybe you’re in the middle of preparing a meal and missing that key ingredient?

RUNA is your new platform offering pick up, multi purchase and delivery on-demand. So you can continue doing what you enjoy and not worry about the things you don’t.

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Frequently asked questions

Our service is very intuitive but here are some of the frequently asked questions.

The beauty behind what we do here at RUNA is not only deliver you fast food or restaurant goods, which other services currently do, but we have the ability to deliver you anything that is transportable by car or a single person. We allow our customers to order from up to 3 different locations in the one run which allows us to be the one stop app for all your on-demand needs.

Imagine having nappies and washing powder from the grocery store, McDonalds for the kids AND a bottle of wine from the bottle-o all in one order.

We like to think of the app as creating a big shopping list for your runa to grab what you need!

You can track your Runa (delivery driver) in the app from the second they accept your run. This allows you to check their progress and plan for their arrival. Our average delivery time is currently 25 - 30 mins but as we’re in the early stages, these times will get quicker and quicker.

Yes, you can. There is a chat section which allows you to communicate freely with your Runa.

Have them pick up an extra lot of celery from the grocers, let them know you found an unopened jar of Nutella in the back of the cupboard and to leave that off the list or let them know of a secret drop off section near your front door as you needed to pop out for a minute.

We charge a delivery fee + the cost of goods from the chosen locations. We place a 6% surcharge on the cost of goods for all the hard work our Runa's do. After all, they enter the stores, find each item, line up and pay! If you are unsure about an item cost, the chat section to your Runa is available to ask them to check prices to make sure you're happy with each order.

The delivery fee is based on $16 per hour. For example, if your run was to take 30 minutes, we would charge you $8 + the price of the goods you chose + the 6% surcharge. That's all you pay for having someone be your personal shopper whilst being tracked! Bargain.